How to keep your home cool in this scorching heat

With the heat already at a peak in April, I break into a profuse sweat when I wonder what the next couple of summer months will be like. Here are  few simple things you can do to beat the heat in your dry, hot tropical home.

Cross Ventilate

Often, it’s not just enough to open up one window somewhere. Opening multiple windows creates cross ventilation in the house. The circulation of air ensures that fresh, cooler air is always breezing in, and your rooms will not feel dank or humid.


White Wash your Terrace

A classic tropical trick that never gets old. Coating your terrace with lime white wash helps the wall to reflect the sunlight and heat, instead of absorbing it. It washes away in the rains, so you don’t have to get stuck with it!



Whether in your balcony, porch, or terrace, a canopy is always a good idea in the summer! Especially if you have plants sitting out. Moreover, a canopy transforms the outdoor space into a cool hangout where you can spend a lazy evening.


Living Coolers

Plants purify the air, and can aid in maintaining a cool microclimate inside your home. Line your windows with pots of herbs and shrubs, and fill your home with lots of indoor plants. Shade loving money plants are your best bet inside the house.


Bamboo Blinds

Replace your plastic, heat retaining plastic blinds with some airy, bamboo ones. The angles of the bamboo slats often help in cooling air, creating a natural air conditioning.


Airy Upholstery

Replace your dark, synthetic curtains with breathy cottons in pastels, for better circulation, and a refreshing ambiance.



Each and every gadget in your house contributes to electromagnetic heating. Unplug and switch off as much as your can to beat the heat.



Choose the right kind of light fixtures for your home. Fluorescent bulbs heat up a room easily. LEDs are the best bet!



Simply opening up the space can aid circulation. Put away the large sculptures, unattended curios, wool comforters, and itchy cushions.