Indian Government to measure Liveability Standards of Cities

The government will start measuring the liveability standards of 140 cities including 53 cities with population of one million and above and all the smart cities from next month based on based on an indigenously made Liveability Index.

The ministry of urban development has already invited bids for selecting the agency for carrying out the assessment based on the parameters evolved by the government, informed Rajiv Gauba, secretary, ministry of urban development on Tuesday. He was speaking at a workshop on improving accountability for local governments organised by the World Bank here.

The cities will be assessed on 15 core parameters relating to governance, social infrastructure pertaining to education, health and safety and security, economic aspects and physical infrastructure like housing, open spaces, land use, energy and water availability, solid waste management, pollution, etc. They will be ranked based on the Liveability Index, that would cover a total of 79 aspects.

The ministry has also come out with a detailed document on the ‘methodology for collection and computation of liveability standards in cities’.

Gauba said that more than providing funds to the state and city governments, the ministry of urban development is according priority for incentivizing implementation of reforms.

“A sense of healthy competition is being promoted among cities and towns in the country to focus their attention on improving governance and infrastructure availability,” he added.

Stressing on the need for decentralisation and empowering of city governments, the urban development secretary said, “Cities can’t be run and managed from state capitals and secretariats. They should be made to stand on their own for improving performance, responsibility and accountability”.

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